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 Big B Personal and Workplace Solutions


Big B Vision

At Big B Personal and Workplace Solutions, our vision is that enduring change
is most 
successfully achieved when creativity and insight is unleashed.  Big B
through its founder and owner has 
considerable experience in the design and
delivery of high quality health and safety training and 
 projects, project
personal, team and safety coaching.  

At Big B, we harness the power of insight and awareness so that our glass is
never half empty, but always half full.


B safe

Are you daunted by the multitude of tasks required to maintain a safer workplace?

Do you know what is working well and where the opportunities for improvement lie?

Do you need to develop a system to manage safety or review the effectiveness of the
one you currently have?

Big B will assist your business.

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B trained

Big B specializes in training for Safety Reps, Safety Committees, Manager
and Supervisors in the education, retail, hospitality, health and community
services industry sectors.

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B coached

At Big B we coach mere ripples of thought into tidal waves of action.  
We believe positive change is a function of an improved quality of thought.

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